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May 19, 2016 - Comment

The Wanderlust Air Travel Sock is an ideal companion for your feet the next time you take a trip. Compression socks for travel are popular because they provide a boost to your circulation when you are forced to be in one position like sitting or standing for long periods of time. The Wanderlust Air Travel

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The Wanderlust Air Travel Sock is an ideal companion for your feet the next time you take a trip. Compression socks for travel are popular because they provide a boost to your circulation when you are forced to be in one position like sitting or standing for long periods of time.

The Wanderlust Air Travel Sock is a best selling compression sock for a number of reasons:

They are a gradient compression sock with just the right amount of pressure to relieve pain and keep the leg circulation going to prevent blood pooling in the legs during a long flight. They are also good for swelling and related symptoms caused by diabetes, plantar fasciitis, dvt and arthritis. Compression socks are good for anybody that spends extended periods of time sitting, standing, or on their feet in jobs like nursing, production work and the restaurant business.

These socks are built to last and designed for a perfect fit. They feel firm and snug like a compression sock should, without being too tight. The leg cuffs are adjustable to match your height and the unique weaving prevents the sock from rolling down your leg. The advanced technology features a seamless toe box to prevent uncomfortable rubbing and friction and prevent rashes and blisters. Reinforced foot padding helps to absorb everyday shock to maximize pain relief.

The Wanderlost Air Travel Sock is a medical grade compression sock and is rigorously tested to ensure that they will maintan their effectiveness even after dozens of washes. Discover the powers of compression with regard to feet and leg health and put a little glide in your stride. These are great socks to wear for long flights but can also be worn daily to help circulation and effectively help blood flow to relieve leg and foot swelling that can be caused in a number of ways.

The major benefit of compression socks is to improve circulation and these knee highs are good for that and they are also great looking and can be worn with anything.

Every purchase is backed by our 90-day, no questions asked guarantee so there’s no risk for you to try a pair today. These socks were borne from our love to travel in style and comfort and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

Guaranteed To Be The Most Comfortable, Pain Relieving Socks You’ve Ever Owned, Or Your Money Back!

More Facts on the Wanderlust Compression Socks

These socks are a quality made true medical grade graduated compression sock. Graduated compression means that the sock is designed with the fabric providing a higher compression at the ankle and gradually decreasing as the sock goes up the leg. This manually stimulates the circulation and forces the blood upwards towards the heart.

These socks have a 25-30 mmHG at the ankle, 15-20 mmHG in the middle of the leg and the least amount of pressure 10-15 mmHG at the bottom of the knee. This is the ideal amount of graduated compression and is perfect for travel, varicose veins, Edema, DVT and cramping. They can also provide relief from tired achy legs and foot swelling due to standing or sitting too long.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or shin splints, compression socks like these may be able to help relieve some of the discomfort. You have to wear socks anyway, why not try some that might do you some good? Stylish and designed for the perfect fit, the extra soft foot padding absorbs impact while ensuring proper ventilation for odor control. The special weave design and seamless toe box will ensure that the stockings won’t bunch or roll down your legs.

Amazing Feeling Results After Just One Use!

These socks are comfortable and built to last. They will keep their same level of compression and effectiveness after dozens of washes. 

Perfect For Air Travel, Nurses, Construction And Factory Workers, Educators, Pregnancy, Maternity, And Anyone Seeking To Luxuriate Their Legs And Feet!


glenn salonga says:

As a frequent traveler for business and pleasure, I … As a frequent traveler for business and pleasure, I realized that my legs often suffer from fatigue, numbness and tingling sensation during those long periods of sitting. I did some research to try and remedy this type of situation and found these air travel socks. I wanted to test them out so I wore them for a whole day to a family birthday party at a park. They were not as tight as I thought they would be and were a snug fit with the gradient compression! Throughout the whole day my legs felt all types of comfort and warmth and at the end of the night they still felt fresh, no fatigue! I am excited to put these on the next time I need to travel long hours by plane or car as I am positive that they are the solution to my (and everyone’s) fatigued legs.

martha kell says:

Love Love Love these sox! My sox arrived this morning– 2 pair in the box–a thin pair and a thicker pair. I immediately put them on– a thin sock on one leg and a thick on the other. The thicker pair is warmer but not as much compression as they are a bit bigger (I have skinny legs and thin, flat feet). I’m wearing the thin pair as I write this review and they feel fab. The compression is not as tight on my feet except at the heel and ankle area which is where the swelling is worse. I’m planning to wear the thicker pair when I fly as my feet and legs get very cold during a flight. One last point: I got a follow-up email with a PDF file attached with best use instructions, including how to put the sox on. Since I have a lower back injury, I couldn’t follow those instructions exactly but nevertheless got them on easily. I appreciated the email and found the instructions helpful. Most of all, I believe the company’s extra step in helping me make the best use of their product is reassuring.

Denise H. Newman says:

Great product!! Bought these for my husband after open heart surgery. They are super easy to get on and provide support and compression to reduce swelling and keep the blood flowing. These socks are stylish enough to wear to church or out around town but casual enough to wear with his lounge wear around the house.

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