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March 22, 2016 - Comment

The benefits of copper and compression are combined in the DAS Leben Copper Compression Socks. A marriage of technologies in a sock that could aid in the recovery of your tired and achy legs. Whether you are training hard or just need the benefit of compression therapy, these are the socks for you. If you have

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The benefits of copper and compression are combined in the DAS Leben Copper Compression Socks. A marriage of technologies in a sock that could aid in the recovery of your tired and achy legs. Whether you are training hard or just need the benefit of compression therapy, these are the socks for you.

If you have heard about the health benefits of compression socks and are a believer in the use of copper for health, why not combine the two with this quality product from DAS Leben.

Who Can Benefit From The Use Of Copper Compression Socks?

Improved circulation is the main health benefit associated with graduated compression products. Runners, hikers, dancers and athletes of any level and sport can benefit. So can anybody with a job that keeps them standing or sitting in one place for hours at a time.

They are also great for wearing during long airline flights to help prevent leg swelling and blood clotting in the leg veins.

There is a leg fatigue and swelling of the feet and ankles that comes with jobs like teaching, nursing, factory work and waitressing. Give your legs a little love and try out some compression socks. Improved circulation and blood flow can help your tired achy legs and prevent or improve swelling.

Are you pregnant and experiencing decreased circulation. The added weight and pressure of the fetus on the pelvis can impact blood flow and cause swelling of the feet, varicose veins and tired aching legs. Get some relief by increasing circulation and oxygen flow with the use of these copper compression socks.

The graduated compression works by the way these socks are designed. A higher compression or pressure is at the bottom of the sock, around the ankle, and it gradually decreases as the sock moves up the leg. This acts to manually get the blood moving up towards the heart. Essential nutrients and oxygen are then pumped by the heart to areas and organs where they are needed.

These are knee high compression socks and are made from high quality fabric that is durable and comfortable. They have a good elasticity and are a true graduated compression sock. 

What does copper have to do with it?  

Activated copper is at the core of DAS Leben Copper garments. By a proprietary and exclusive method, the activated copper is permanently infused into all performance yarns. This will release positive ions into the body and provide some anti-microbial protection and skin benefits. By combining this with other technologies like compression, DAS Leben enhances performance, quickens muscle recovery and helps to provide relief from aches, pains and swelling.

Here are some additional benefits:

Compression products increase blood circulation and provide muscle support and muscle recovery. Keeping the feet dry provides comfort and the skin temperature can be warmed. 

Protecting you from minor scratches  and knocks during workout and while doing outdoor activities.

Improving muscle tone, helping to fight muscle fatigue especially for those who have to stand for a long time, such as nurses, teachers and servers. The daily use of compression socks will help a lot.

Copper is one of the necessary micro-nutrients found naturally in the body and has  been used in medicine for thousands of years, recovering soon with strenuous exercise followed and improving performance through improved circulation. 

DAS Leben Copper Socks are designed for comfort, and can be worn daily for improved performance, recovery and supportive relief from everyday aches and pains.

The DAS Leben Copper Compression Sock Summary of Benefits

They are made of a premium material that is a mix of polyamide 80%, and spandex 20%. They are a high quality fabric with graduated compression, good elasticity and are long lasting and durable. The comfortable design is mostly black with a little silver on the foot and logo. These socks have a closed toe design that can help reduce toe chafing.

There are health benefits associated with compression socks that is mostly due to the increase in circulation and blood flow. This benefit creates a multitude of positive side effects such as reduced muscle recovery in athletics, reducing or preventing swelling of the ankles and feet and relief from tired and achy legs, just to name a few.

Anybody that is looking for the health benefits of increased circulation and blood flow can benefit, athletes and non athletes alike. If you have never tried compression garments, give these ones a shot, they have the added benefit of copper that is infused right into the fabric.

The computer controlled manufacturing process ensures a quality knee high compression sock every time. Get a pair today. They work.


Ariane Knows Stuff says:

DAS Leben Compression Socks Copper Wear Knee High The DAS Leben Compression Socks have helped my son so much! He is a flight attendant at the end of the day his legs would ache and burn from standing and being on flights where the gravity pull is severe on your legs when you fly day after day. Once I received the compression socks for free for a review I told him to wear them and see if they helped. He did and these opinions of the socks are ours. They helped relieve the pain and aches. At the end of the day, his legs didn’t feel like lead weights and he is able to sleep. Before when he tried to relax, his legs would ache and the nerves would jump. That has stopped. He said his legs don’t feel heavy, tired, no pains, and no jumping nerves. He has been able to stop taking pain medication and all the other flight attendants are planning on getting a pair or two as well. The socks also help with swelling, circulation, are very helpful if you suffer from diabetes and sports enthusiast as well can get relief by using compression socks. I…

Denise Crawford says:

Love these – very effective support I was excited to be offered a free pair of these compression copper knee high socks to evaluate and review. I’m a nurse and librarian at a high school and I spend almost all day on my feet walking and standing on cement floors so my legs are quite tired at the end of the day. At night, I occasionally suffer from cramps despite stretching exercises. 

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